baru tau peking duck tak sedap!!!!

currently at muh kaklong's home..
sum thing came up..
what thing?
i don't intend to let the whole world to know..
so let it be my own secret for now...

but that's not the point..
i just came back from my office dinner at PALACE OF THE GOLDEN HORSES ya'll...
so damn full i can't even finished my last plate full of desserts!
argghhhh... sekarang ada sedikit rasa rugi!!
cheesecake... i want my cheesecake NOW!!

for the first time i organized this dinner..
and i was the one who choose the place..
YES ME.. thank you!

great place for camwhoring..huhuhu..
but had to simpan my niat..
since my boss watching!!
heheheh.. but only for a while jer..
since i sat with geng satu kepala..
every single thing wajib kutuk then gelak kuat2 macam perempuan gila
and suddenly felt like orang kampung jakun first time dapat makan pasta..
hahahah.. gila.. but that's me.. don't even care what others were thinking of me...
or even maybe some of them were jealous of how i enjoyed myself..
don't have to act all ayu2..
hell with that! tak payah belakon..
nak act jadi artis la.. masuk pilih kasih la pompuan!

there is this new girl at work..
which to me.. ok la..
i don't hate her..
why should i since she did nothing bad to me.. directly..
but all my geng satu kepala..
sort of hate her..
at first i didn't notice at all..
but when everyone(okla.. tipooo.. only 3 of them) seems so hateful towards that girl..
i began to take much more attention towards that girl..
hmmmm.. ok..

she lurve... attentions!!! bahasa kuang ajar.. GEDIK!!

ala... tu je...
but of coz la a little bit annoying..
specially towards kami budak2 happening neh.. hahaha..
but ala..
lantak la..
budak2 lagi..
blom sekampit makan garam..
baru nak blaja hidup...
eceh! macam la aku ni dah seguni garam telan..
memang dah lama hidup aku neh!
eh? dah tukar bahasa tetiba..
hahahaha.. bongoks!

skang ni badan dah blengas..
yer aku tak mandi lagi lepas balik dari dinner..
ni pon tinggal aku ngan si ketot mulot becok neh..
dan time ni la datang idea nak menggedik jugak depan camera ni...
aku pon apa lagi..
ajak si ketot ni skali..
hahahah.. mak usu ko memang giler kan dik??

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