angkat bakul.. masuk dalam juga.. kemudian.. sindiri angkat!


miss abc : miss jah, i wanna ask u sumthing.

miss jah : ok... (mula rasa curiga..)

miss abc : i noticed the way u talk is different from any other tipical malaysian..

miss jah : different? in what way? (lagi tambah gelisah)

miss abc : u have this.. um...the way u talk..ur phrases..have slang.. like an american slang..

miss jah : errr... so.. is it bad or good? (ada rasa cam nak nangis dah ni)

miss abc : no.. its good.. its like i have a kaki.. sumone who could understand me.. but how come eh? did u... umm... how to say this... ummm...aiyah.. why am i stuttering..

miss jah : what are u trying to say? do u want to know where i learn this slang huh?

miss abc : ya..

miss jah : oh... every weekend i go and lepak around US...

miss abc and miss jah : HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH.....

miss jah : i donno where i get it? maybe to much tv for me.. but its good rite?

miss abc : ya..!!

~kesimpulannya... aku boleh speaking ar... hahahahahah... vangga..vangga..!~

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